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» Main Dishes | Restaurante El Pescador, Marisquería, Madrid – T. 914 021 290

Main dishes

All our fishes can be cooked according to your taste: grilled, fried, with sauce….

Hook-and-line cuttlefish cooked in their ink 18,00€
Bites of hook-and-line hake fried in batter 19,00€
Coast monkfish 21,50€
Cantabrian hook-and-line hake roasted, grilled or fried 22,00€
Cantabrian hook-and-line hake in green sauce 23,00€
Cantabrian grouper 24,00€
Sole 25,00€
Our famous Evaristo sole (2 p.) 26,00€ p.p
Hake cheeks fried in batter or pil-pil style 27,00€
Wild turbot 27,00€
Maine lobster, american style (2 p.) 28,00€ p.p
Blackspot seabream Bilbaína style 29,00€
Elvers from Aguinaga (seasonal)
Bread and appetizer 2,50€

Prices listed include VAT

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